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“If you get it right, a few years after a surprising invention, the new thing has become normal, ” Bezos wrote in an email to employees. Gen-Z workers are struggling with productivity, boredom, mental health and skill development while working from home, according to a Ten Spot study. Increased check-in frequency, social engagement opportunities, wellbeing resources and autonomous growth can help Gen-Z team members fight the remote work challenges, writes workforce expert Mark Perna. UCHealth hosted one of the state’s largest COVID-19 vaccination clinics to date by administering shots to an expected 10, 000 people in the parking lot of Denver’s Coors Field. Colorado ranks 13th in vaccine doses administered and has eighth-fewest new COVID-19 cases in the U. S. Dozens of supporters of Cleo Parker Robinson Dancing — some real time, but most upon Zoom — collected a week ago to tag the blessing associated with the nonprofit carrier’s 240-seat theater right after months of restoration work. Denver Article sports writer Meat Saunders using the most recent installment of their Rockies Mailbag.

Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and other drug companies are working to block votes on shareholder resolutions that would force the companies to disclose how government funding affects their drug pricing. Democratic presidents are “more willing to heed historical lessons, ” but Republicans cling to “magical” tax cuts and deregulation theories during economic downturns, states a new economic analysis. These companies have long track records of boosting their dividend payments — and they don’t want to stop now. “If a technology company de-platforms a candidate for elected office in Florida during the election, a company will face a daily fine of $100, 000, ” DeSantis said. More from opinion The most important business stories of the day. © Copyright, Small Business Trends LLC. All rights reserved.

Ghost restaurants and kitchens are being used by brands big and small to keep their business going with delivery only options using apps. As many as 63% of workers are confident that if they quit their job, they could start a business immediately from scratch. The cost of social media promotion is getting more expensive.

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Shares pushed higher within afternoon trading Wed, as investors change their focus in order to some strong income reports from Large Tech companies plus hopes for obtaining more economic stimulation passed in Wa. The retailer’s talk about price reached mainly because high as $380 on Wednesday, upward from $18 the few weeks back after those upon the subreddit r/WallStreetBets invested in the organization.

GameStop has observed a recent rise in stock worth driven by opportunities from users upon the subreddit r/WallStreetBets. Robinhood, an application for trading share, prevented users through buying GameStop and other stocks that were flying higher. Now, Republicans and Democrats alike are slamming the app. The involvement of subreddit r/wallstreetbets also amounts to stock price manipulation, Ross Gerber, CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management told Newsweek. The army of amateur traders responsible for the increase in GameStop’s stock will lose out when the share price collapses, analysts have warned.

That is why Bordo’s launch of its new, free social media platform for small business is welcomed. Chicago billionaire Ken Griffin is playing an unwanted and unexpected role in the Wall Street saga involving trading app Robinhood and heavily shorted stocks such as GameStop. Can-related uncertainty is rampant through the beer industry, and the situation won’t resolve until the pandemic abates. Uber said Tuesday that it is acquiring the alcohol-delivery platform Drizly for $1. 1 billion in stock and cash. Coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients said starting next week some 6, 500 pharmacies around the country will receive a total of 1 million doses of vaccine. GameStop shares closed down 60% to about $90 apiece on Wall Street, even as the broader market rose.