18 Great Places To Be Able To Sell Your Design And Style Online

If you have a wide variety of items you want to sell, Wallapop may be ideal – it advertises itself as a virtual flea market. Your network on the app can see the items you buy, sell, and like due to the aim to foster this community. It currently operates exclusively in the UK, USA, and Italy. Boasting 22 million members, Vinted is a popular app to sell your stuff. It’s notable for the vast number of items available to buy and sell – not only the obvious items, like fashion or electronics, but also jobs and cars. Chairish are another furniture specialist, but they sell more than just chairs.

5miles was set up to solve the problems of fraud, spamming, expensive listing fees, and confusing browsing options that the founders encountered on other online marketplaces. OfferUp may sound similar in name to thredUP, but it has an entirely different focus. Whereas thredUP only sells clothes, OfferUp allows you to sell anything – from potted plants to cars. The main advantage of using Craigslist is that it’s been around so long – 25 years is a long time to build up a solid following, so it has a massive built-in user base.

The main risk is that the price you’re offered is contingent on the quality of what you send; if your item is deemed to be in a worse condition than you originally said, you’ll be paid less. However, you can take comfort in Decluttr’s A rating with the Better Business Bureau. So, let’s talk about the best apps to sell your stuff and make some extra cash. The process can seem time-consuming and tedious – plus, when you stop using something, you forget you have it, and you forget it has monetary worth. Over the years, the number of forgotten yet valuable belongings in the home increases. The average US household has thousands of dollars’ worth of unused belongings, yet most people never get around to cashing in on this hidden goldmine. This article includes links which we may receive compensation for if you click, at no cost to you.

Selling From Website

If you don’t want to be limited to one city, it’s possible to add multiple cities and browse through them all. Again, when you sell an item, you must arrange payment outside of the app, so the same precautions apply.

You may find that people express interest in your items but stop replying to your messages; they might even fail to turn up when you agree to meet them. Apps focused on connecting you with the local community have the advantage of lower fees – these apps are often entirely free of charge since cash in hand is used instead of online payment. You also won’t have to worry about fickle buyers as much, because users have to pay before their items get sent. There’s also an option to rent, so even if you’re not sure whether you want to let you go of something entirely, you can still make some money. Nearme allows you to sell all kinds of items, from cars to clothes and everything in between. It’s free to list and sell your items, but you can choose to pay more to promote your items further – this is a great option if you’re in a rush to sell. With over ten million users, it must be doing something right.

letgo was built on the philosophy of helping people to ‘live and let go’ of their belongings. Tradesy provides you as the seller with pre-paid shipping labels and charges a flat fee, so you know what to expect with every sell. It’s free to list items, and you’ll be sent a prepaid postage label when you make a sale. First, almost everyone has a Facebook account – there are over two billion monthly active users. Even though many of these don’t use the Marketplace feature, that’s still a massive pool of potential buyers. Facebook Marketplace has come into its own as a place to sell second-hand items. The app specializes in tech and media items, but you can also sell LEGO and books.

You need to meet your buyer in-person to complete the sale. You should do this in a public place and not in a deserted alleyway in the middle of the night. It’s also unwise to accept a check or post your item (the app isn’t set up for this).